News posted 28th July, 2015 by Legacy
Welcome to Gamers.Build, where the past meets the present and the present offers opportunity to gamers everywhere!

Here you will be able to design, build and showcase your very own video game that can be played on virtually any modern device.

Cloud Retro

News posted 11th March, 2016 by Legacy
Cloud based emulation platform is currently being actively developed:

Check it out at cloudretro.com

Lake Legends

News posted 10th March, 2016 by Legacy
New 3d action game that runs in your web browser or mobile device:

"Aliens and human benefactors are trying to take over the world and enslave humanity. The only hope for mankind is to collect all of earths magic orbs that have been scattered across 20 Lakes. Take up the challenge in this fast paced action game and save the world!"

Check it out at lakelegends.com